LOST IN ADMINISTRATION is a research project of the UNIVERSITY OF SALZBURG investigating the history of those people who were born in the post-war period as children of African American soldiers of the occupation and Austrian women. While many of these children born between 1946 and 1956 grew up either with their biological mothers, with their grandparents, or in Austrian foster or adoptive families, a large part of them ended up in adoption abroad in the USA.

The Project LOST IN ADMINISTRATION places a special emphasis on the documentation of the life stories of those affected in Austria and the USA. Beyond this, it explores the role that the Austrian authorities (social welfare departments, child protective services etc.) and the US military administration played in the lives of those affected and their next of kin, as well as the circumstances under which the adoptions in the USA took place. The national and international legal and political frameworks are just as much a part of the focus of this project as is the examination of the social and media reactions at the time.

The project is supported by the FUTURE FUND OF THE REPUBLIC OF AUSTRIA.

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