Contemporary Witnesses Wanted!

In the fall of 1945, about 70,000 US soldiers were stationed in Austria, including numerous African American GIs. Following an initial prohibition, the US soldiers were permitted from October 1945 onward to have private contacts to the Austrian population, which also resulted in affairs and romantic relationships.

The project LOST IN ADMINISTRATION is researching for the first time the history of those persons who were born in the first ten years after the war to African American soldiers of the occupation and Austrian women. Often born out of wedlock, these children of color were subjected to various forms of discrimination. While many of these children grew up either with their biological mothers, with their grandparents, in Austrian foster families or adoptive families, a large part of them ended up in adoption abroad in the USA.

The Project LOST IN ADMINISTRATION places a special emphasis on the documentation of the life stories of those affected in Austria and the USA. Beyond this, it explores the role that the Austrian authorities (social welfare departments, child protective services etc.) and the US military administration played in the lives of those affected and their next of kin, as well as the circumstances under which the adoptions in the USA took place.

Therefore, the project LOST IN ADMINISTRATION is searching for contemporary witnesses!

  • We are searching for men and women who were born between 1946 and 1956 as children of Austrian women and African American GIs, who would like to share their life stories.
  • We are moreover looking for persons who took care of the children of Black GIs in the context of a social institution (child protective services, welfare, Caritas etc.) and who wish to share their experiences.

If this concerns you or someone you know, please get in touch with us. We are pleased about every contact!



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